Attract success: Be in it to win it

Get ahead in your career with Life Coach Lynda Field’s top tips for attracting success

Be in it to win it
If you aren’t focused on a goal then you’ll never be able to achieve it. Nothing will happen without special thought and effort. Take a look at the following examples.

Be aware
To make that new career move you’ll have to do the necessary research, refresh your CV and brush up on your interview skills.
To have a fabulous relationship you both need to have a strong sense of self and be committed to shared goals.
To resolve financial problems you will have to get everything down on paper and create a good realistic action plan and possibly take professional advice.
To keep fit and maintain a healthy weight you need to develop healthy eating habits and take plenty of exercise.
To develop an active social life you will have to keep networking, and ensure you make time for regular get-togethers with friends and also make the effort to go out there and meet new people.

To be successful at anything you must take assertive action – everything changes but unless you direct the change you will never feel confident and in control.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied in any area of your life at the moment, then remind yourself that you can make things happen but you have to be up for those great opportunities or they will just pass you by.

Other tips for attracting success:

Be magnetic
Make an impact
Believe in yourself

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