The mindful hobby to try during self-isolation as sales jump by nearly 1000%

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  • With coronavirus spreading through the globe, many people are stuck at home unable to go anywhere.

    Between those social distancing to try and prevent the general spread of the virus, those self-isolating because they have the illness or can’t afford to get it, and even those in cities around the globe who are under quarantine, most of the world’s population are staying at home at the moment.

    And for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a job where they can work from home to help them pass the time most are stuck with not much to do apart from bits around the house and a couple of hobbies here and there.

    But with all the kitchen cupboards ticked off the list in just few days, there’s only so many books and so much Netflix you can take.

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    So many are using this extended time at home to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill.

    And there’s one hobby that has shot up in sales which will take you right back to your childhood.

    Sales of adult colouring books have jumped by 955 per cent on online retail site Amazon, as people around the country work towards staying mindful in this tumultuous climate.

    amazon mindful adult colouring books sales jump coronavirus

    Credit: Amazon

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    SHOP NOW: Mindful adult colouring books

    Adult Relaxing A4 Colour Therapy 2 Pack

    A set of two colouring books.

    Powered by Woman and Home

    The two-pack of colouring books includes a pair of pads themed around joy and spring.

    With 24 pieces of artwork in each book, that’s a lot of colouring to keep you going over the coming weeks of staying in the house.

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    And fans are loving the mindful hobby books, describing them as ‘very good quality’ and ‘value for money’, while one customer added, ‘Great for those who likes to have a little me time and let your mind wonder as you colour’.

    While this two-pack is currently in and out of stock, there are a whole load of other colouring books that you could give a go. Here are our faves…

    Adult colouring books to try at home

    Colouring for the imagination

    adult colouring

    Credit: Amazon

    Escape into a magical world full of flora, fauna and enchantment with this colouring book.

    Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition & Colouring Book, £23, Amazon

    Colouring for stress relief

    adult colouring

    Credit: Amazon

    A visual representation of how we all feel right now – colour away your frustrations with this swear word pad.

    A Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults, £4.99, Amazon

    Colouring for fashion addicts

    adult colouring

    Credit: Amazon

    With days on end being spent in lounge wear and pyjamas, get a touch of fashion with this colouring pad.

    Vogue Goes Pop Colouring Book, £3.34, Amazon

    Colouring for relaxation

    adult colouring

    Credit: Amazon

    Gorgeous patterns to unleash your inner creativity and colour the hours away without you even noticing the time flying by!

    Complex Mandala Coloring, £6.45, Amazon

    Colouring for cabin fever

    adult colouring

    Credit: Amazon

    Had to cancel your holiday or missing your daily commute? Colour in cities from all around the world including, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, and Rome.

    City Coloring Book, £5.69, Amazon

    So while it may be difficult to have to be in the house at the moment, trying a couple of these colouring books could help you to have a little more mindfulness while at home.

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