The easy heatwave trick that'll help keep you cool and it doesn't cost a penny

There are a number of simple heatwave tricks that can help you keep cool this summer - and some can actually help you save money!

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There are a number of handy heatwave tricks that can help you keep cool this summer, and this easy trick is by far the easiest to accomplish, and won't cost a thing!

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave and many people are wondering how to sleep in the heat when it's too hot outside and how to cool down a room without air conditioning.

While it may be a good idea to invest in a high-quality fan or perhaps a paddling pool, there are also other ways to keep yourself cool in this heat that won't cost a penny. One weird hack has been recommended by a number of experts who suggest that turning off all of your electrics is another great way to keep your home cool.

The UK Government recommends on its website that during a heatwave, people should 'turn off lights and electrical equipment that aren’t in use.' So why is this recommended, and how does it work?

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When your electrics are plugged in they are generating heat, even if they aren't actually in use. Although this is only a small amount of heat, this can make all the difference when your home is already sweltering. The last thing you want in the scorching hot weather, is a laptop charger or large appliance generating even more heat.

This is a great hack as this can actually save you money as you are reminded to turn off your electrics that you aren't using and save a bit of money.

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There are a number of other official recommendations that can also help to keep your home cool if you are on a budget. Keeping the curtains or blinds drawn will reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your home and should help to keep it cool. 

Keeping all of your windows open should also help create some airflow within your home and keep your property cool. Also taking a lukewarm shower rather than a hot shower will save on your heating bills and also keep your body cooler for longer.

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