Sealy Zonal Support pillow review—a supportive option with a hotel-like feel

The Sealy Zonal Support pillow marries support and luxury for a practical but hotel-like solution

Sealy Zonal Support pillow
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Woman & Home Verdict

A supportive saviour that sees off neck pain and pampers you with a luxurious hotel feel

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Subtle support for head, neck and shoulders

  • +

    Bounces back after use for longevity

  • +

    Springy feel for comfort

  • +

    Crisp but soft casing for luxurious feel

  • +

    Available in firm, medium and soft support

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not as plump as others so could take some getting used to

Sealy offers a whole range of comfortable and results-driven products, but this one brings the luxury with it too.

When on the hunt for the best pillows, most of us want something that will provide us with the support and comfort we need for our specific sleeping position, with an extra bonus thrown in if it can replicate that dreamy feeling of sleeping in a luxury hotel bed. And with its clever internal support and crisp outer casing, the Sealy Zonal Support seems to do just that.

In essence, it seems pretty simple with its hollowfibre filling and cotton casing, it certainly doesn’t boast any flashy memory foam aspects like the famous Tempur pillow. However, its humble manner but winning performance might be one of our favorite things about it.


Size: 71x45cm Filling: Hollowfibre Sleep position: Back and side (however also works for front sleepers) Comfort: Firm (medium and soft also available) Trial period: No Guarantee: 3 years RRP: £75.99

Possibly the trickiest aspect to this pillow is its availability. The original version is available to buy on the Sealy website, however it is not often in stock. But the newer version, which boasts a bit of a redesign, sells in common high-street retailers like Next and Argos. It is also available on a selection of online retailers, as well as Amazon of course, where it sells for a slightly cheaper price—so if you're looking to save this could be a good place to buy it.

Pillow type and design

A cleverly designed box pillow that uses internal layers to provide different levels of support, the Sealy Zonal Support pillow has spinal health and comfort at the forefront of its mind. It is designed to cradle the head and neck to ensure that your alignment stays how it should be and to make sure you don’t wake up with any pesky aches, making it one of our best pillows for neck pain. Foam springs inside the pillow work to keep the shape sturdy so that it doesn’t go flimsy after a couple of months of use, with firmer springs in the centre of pillow keeping the head aligned while softer springs on the edges work to cradle the neck. This is paired with soft fibres surrounding the springs that ensure a comfortable and bouncy finish to the pillow.

First impressions

On first appearance, the Zonal Support pillow looked like it might come up a bit flat, as it definitely wasn’t as plump as the other pillows on our bed. However, this is simply due to the way that it works to align your neck and spine to try and nix any morning aches and pains. One thing that did strike us before even sleeping on the pillow was the luxurious feel of the casing. The 100% cotton case comes with that crisp feel you would expect from a hotel pillow or a fancy (and expensive) feather pillow.

What is it like to sleep on?

Don’t be fooled by the fairly flat appearance, because this pillow is honestly a dream to sleep on. Firstly, that clever zonal support means that the head and neck are both supported where they need to be, leading to a truly pain-free morning after the kind of comfortable night’s sleep we thought was only possible in a hotel bed. And while this pillow may not look as plump as the rest, we just love how it manages to be cloudy without being ostentatious. The internal fibers lend themselves to an almost bouncy finish that wouldn’t expect from a pillow that comes with so much support.

Will it suit my sleeping position?

While the pillow we tried offered firm support, which usually caters to a more side-sleeping position, we found that it actually worked with most sleeping positions. Such is the curse of being struck with dreaded tossing and turning sleeping habits, we were able to try this pillow out in side, back and even front sleeping positions (anyone else wake up on their tummy every morning no matter how supine you try to fall asleep?)—and we have to say, it worked beautifully with each position. It offers enough support to keep you comfortable in back and side positions, while front sleepers will benefit from its slight cushion and flatter stance. We’d say it’s perfect for back sleepers who like to tuck their pillow under their neck and over their shoulders (as you should for the best neck support and spinal alignment) or anyone who tends to sleep on their side with their arm underneath the pillow. But like we said, if you’re someone who ticks the side, back, and front sleeper boxes, then this versatile pick is really one for you. However, if you do find this a bit firm for your sleeping position, it is also available in soft and medium fill, though those options are likely not to offer as much neck support.

Any trials or guarantees?

There aren’t any trials available with this pillow, however, the pillow does offer a two-year warranty and three-year guarantee to keep you (and your sleep) protected.

What’s not good about the Sealy Zonal Support pillow

To be honest, there's not much we don't love about this pillow. If you're partial to a more plump, fluffy pillow or enjoy something softer, then this one might not be for you—but we'd encourage giving it a go because once you've got used to it, you might never go back.

Sealy Zonal Support pillow Verdict

After years of trying out different pillows that will both provide neck support and give us that luxury hotel kind of sleep, we think we may finally have found our match. It might not be for everyone, as it doesn’t sport the fluffy, cloudy feel that some sleepers are keen on. However, no matter how healthy our spines are we could all benefit from extra head, neck and support for the many hours we spend in bed each day if anything just as a preventative measure. And with the luxury feel that this supportive pillow offers at the same time, we really couldn’t ask for anything more.

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