The iconic cocktail that's actually seriously bad for your teeth, according to a dental expert

Have you been sipping on one of these this weekend?

cocktail bad for teeth
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A dental hygienist has revealed the iconic cocktail that is particularly bad when it comes to your teeth. 

We all like to look after our teeth as much as we can, and there's lots we can do to prevent damage and care for our gnashers as well as possible. 

Whether it's knowing whether to brush our teeth before our after breakfast or being aware of the big thing we shouldn't be doing when brushing, there's lots to learn. 

And the things we eat and drink make a difference too, with particularly sugary and acidic cocktails said to be detrimental to the precious enamel of our canines, incisors and molars due to the eroding powers of the ingredients. 

cocktail bad for teeth

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In a video shared by Chelsea Dental Clinic on TikTok, a dental hygienist revealed the 'four things you didn't know were bad for your teeth'. 

And one of the culprits may be pretty gutting to hear about if you're an avid cocktail drinker. 

The dental professional explained that passionfruit martinis, famously known as pornstar martinis, are 'particularly' bad. 

A pornstar martini is traditionally made by mixing vanilla flavoured vodka with passionfruit juice or puree, with a halved passionfruit often placed on top. There's also usually a shot of cold prosecco that accompanies the classic drink, that can be shotted or mixed into the cocktail to give it some fizz. 

The video explains that "the mix of the sugar from the fruit and the acid from the prosecco is a real bad mix". 


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The video also claims that green tea should be avoided if you want to keep your teeth pearly white, with the refreshing hot beverage said to have the serious ability to stain, which is a big no-no if you want to keep your teeth white naturally or if you've invested in whitening your teeth.

"The staining properties of green tea are far worse than anything else that you can have," the hygienist explains, adding that it's "far worse than smoking, far worse than coffee" when it comes to staining the surface of teeth. 

Caitlin Elliott