Best cheap walking boots under £50 - for great support, ultimate grip and staying dry on a budget

Our round-up of the best cheap walking boots will help to make walking those extra miles a lot easier

best waterproof cheap walking boots: woman walking on mountain top
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Trialling the best cheap walking boots is no easy task. We tried and tested dozens on our quest to find the best women’s walking shoes on a budget.

Each pair was put through its paces in a variety of weathers and on a mixture of terrains, including grass, tarmac and earthy, rocky trails. Features we paid particular attention to included support, grip, comfort and fit.

Our top pair of the best cheap walking boots under £50 is the Gelert Ottawa Mid Ladies Walking Boots. Not only are they stylish, lightweight and a great fit, but they are really versatile across all terrains – something you don’t always get with even the most expensive buys. Pair one of these cheap walking boots with our best leggings and maybe even one of our best fitness trackers to get the most out of your walking workout.

How to choose the best cheap walking boots

While you may not be able to spend a fortune, picking something from the top of your budget is always a good idea when it comes to finding the best cheap walking boots. So, what might you be missing out on with a cheaper pick? “Paying more may get you finer materials, greater durability, lighter weight and superior comfort,” says Jeremy Stevens, footwear buyer for Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports. “All of these are well worth having, because comfortable feet will keep you better able to enjoy every mile you walk.”

However, if money is tight, thinking about what you want to use your boots for can definitely help filter your choices in the right way. “Also, factor in the British weather,” says Jeremy. “You need them to be stable, protective, weatherproof and grippy.”

The best cheap walking boots buy right now

Gelert Ottawa Mid Ladies Walking Boots

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1. Gelert Ottawa Mid Ladies Walking Boots

Best cheap walking boots for most people

Size range: UK 3-8
Sole: Synthetic
Upper: Synthetic / textile
Weight: 425g
Reasons to buy
+Good lacing+All terrains
Reasons to avoid
-High at the front-Tricky to get on

If you’re on a budget, the Gelert range is one of the best to look out for and many styles are readily available at Sports Direct, House of Fraser and Amazon. Available in two colourways, we really rate the charcoal and purple pick, which, at first glance, definitely looks just as pricey as some of the more expensive options on the market. Why do we love these so much? Not only are they lightweight but, with seven eyelets going up and down most of the boot, you can really help control the fit and choose where to tighten and loosen the laces. Your feet don’t feel tired and achy after wearing them. Plus, the cushioned insole makes for a really snug fit. The only downside to these is that, despite being a low-rise boot, they do come up quite high at the front. 

Karrimor Women’s Hot Rock Walking Boots

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2. Karrimor Womens Hot Rock Walking Boots

Best premium cheap walking boots

Size range: UK 4-8
Sole: Synthetic
Upper: Leather / textiles
Weight: 555g
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof+Good grip
Reasons to avoid
-Small sizing-Stiff at first

Karrimor is a great brand to look out for when buying high-quality, budget hiking gear. And while they are not one of the best waterproof hiking boots, the reason they make it into our under-£50 round-up is that they’re always available for much less than the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Although these are super sturdy, they don’t look too chunky, so they would suit leggings and shorts. The sole is very hardwearing and, thanks to the DynaGrip technology, you won’t slide about. 

Plus, you get a lot of boot with this buy, essential if you want ankle support when travelling over rocky terrain. Not only are they comfortable (the padding is the best out of all those we tried and tested), but they will keep your feet dry. The only downside is the sizing. We’d recommend going for a size larger than you usually do or they may be on the snug side, especially if you like wearing your hiking boots with thick socks.

Quechua Women’s Mountain Walking Waterproof Shoes MH100

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3. Quechua Women’s Mountain Walking Waterproof Shoes MH100

Best waterproof cheap walking boots

Size range: UK 3-8
Sole: Rubber
Upper: Polyurethane, polyester and leather
Weight: 395g
Reasons to buy
+Great protection+Good fit
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly rigidWith 

We love these hiking boots so much that we also included them in our round-up of the best waterproof hiking boots. That’s because, despite the low price, these hold up just as well as the more expensive buys on the market, especially because they are so comfortable. In fact, they feel like a little hug for your feet – exactly what you need if you’re headed out on a long day of hiking. Not only are they waterproof, but they are breathable, too, making them ideal to wear in all weathers. Plus, thanks to the protective rubber guard, you don’t have to worry about stones and tree roots. The rubber sole also offers good traction on dry or muddy ground. An all-round great buy.

Freedomtrail Women’s Howdon Low Cut Waterproof Walking Boots

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4. Freedomtrail Women’s Howdon Low Cut Waterproof Walking Boots

Most supportive best cheap walking boots

Size range: UK 4-8
Sole: Rubber
Upper: Faux suede
Weight: 400g
Reasons to buy
+Breathable+Good fit
Reasons to avoid
-Not a traditional boot-No wow factor

Going off-road? With deep, multi-directional lugs, these boots not only look great, but they’ll keep you feeling steady and safe, however crazy the terrain. Plus, being waterproof means you don’t have to worry about walking through wet grass or mud. With plenty of mesh on the top of the shoe, these are breathable, so feet won’t get too sweaty. The low-cut design is ideal for anyone who finds a traditional boot too restrictive, so this budget buy is really versatile. They perform just as well on city pavements as they do in the countryside, thanks to the chunky sole, which helps reduce impact on joints. And, if that’s not good enough, the fuss-free laces mean they are super easy to slip on and off.

Mountain Warehouse Path Waterproof Women's Walking Shoes

(Image credit: Mountain Warehouse)

5. Mountain Warehouse Path Waterproof Women's Walking Shoes

Most versatile best cheap walking boots

Size range: UK 4-8
Sole: Rubber
Upper: Synthetic
Weight: n/a
Reasons to buy
+Heel and toe reinforcements+Extra grip
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly narrow-Not great when submerged

When it comes to walking shoes, there’s nothing worse than feeling so weighed down or restricted that you can’t wait to take them off. Sound familiar? Step forward, Mountain Warehouse Path Waterproof Women's Walking Shoes. Lightweight and comfortable with plenty of mesh to allow air to circulate, you could wear these all day. This is partly thanks to them being designed with the comfort of a slightly chunky trainer, but also down to the good arch support from the specially moulded footbed. 

If you’re looking for something to withstand the elements when you are walking the dogs, on the school run or mucking out at the stables, then this versatile, stylish buy is for you. However, watch out – despite the name, these are more water-repellent than completely waterproof.

How to get the most from a cheaper pair of walking boots

  • Adjust the lacing. “Lacing can allow you to relieve tight areas or to increase lockdown on a loose fit,” says Jeremy. 
  • Consider insoles. “Footbeds that give arch support (like Superfeet) are a great way to help hold the foot securely,” says Jeremy. “They can make a substantial difference to the comfort of a boot.” 
  • Socks can help. “Many people will also find that just wearing better socks can make a world of difference,” says Jeremy. “Choose socks made from merino wool for the best comfort. Merino is a natural fibre with performance properties, wicking sweat away from the skin to keep feet drier and more comfortable. Merino socks also hold their shape better, which reduces the chances of getting hot spots or blisters.”
  • Get the right fit. It’s often the fit that causes pain, not the material of the boots. “Boots that are too tight or too loose can cause rubbing or bruising at the heel or toes,” says Jeremy. “Try wearing your new boots around the house for a while, going up and down the stairs and checking the shape and size seem correct.”

With thanks Jeremy Stevens, expert footwear buyer