This is the ‘most desirable’ trade job on dating profiles in the UK

Can you guess what the top spot is?

A new survey has revealed the job that is most likely to get matches on dating sites in the UK.

Many of us will have been indulging in some self-love during lockdown (whether that means to you trying out the best vibrator, or indulging in a Netflix marathon of your favourite show) now restrictions are easing, thoughts may have turned to tipping toes in the dating pool again.

If you’re thinking of joining an online dating site (you could try one of these dating apps for over 50s here) it may be interesting to know the professions that are the most attractive to women.

A survey from revealed that when it comes to dating, showed that carpenters were the most popular, with 195 matches in total.

The key findings are as follows:

  • With an impressive 195 matches, carpenters appear to be the most desirable to women
  • In second place with 159 matches are gardeners
  • In third place are builders with 126 matches. The former stereotype of builders is no more and women would love the idea of one to date.
  • With 111 matches and in fourth place are landscapers, whilst fifth place was awarded to bricklayers with 87 matches.
  • Plasterers were the least ‘desirable’ on Tinder, ranking last with just 18 matches

“Former Tinder CEO Sean Rad believes a person’s job is important when it comes to dating and although most wouldn’t judge someone on their skills or profession, we are all attracted to certain qualities,” said a researcher at

Would you date someone based on their profession?

Lauren Hughes

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