Research shows that this simple question can help you feel more secure in a relationship

Do you ask this?

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A relationship can come with a whole host of problems, but research has suggested that one simply question can help beat insecurities.

Nobody wants to feel insecure, or ask yourself tough questions about your relationship. Are you doing something wrong? Do they still love you?

It can also be difficult to shower them with compliments, especially if they’re a classic Brit and are terrible at accepting them. Trust us, we understand that!

But you don’t need to go all out to make your partner feel comfortable and wanted, according to research by the University of Waterloo. Sometimes a simple question on a regular basis can really help.

The Canadian university discovered that asking, “How was your day?” when you see them, is a great way to help an insecure partner feel loved. It also stops them from fighting back against compliments they might not believe.

This is especially beneficial if your partner has confidence or trust issues, as noted by the study.

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Their abstract reads, ‘Unfortunately, it is difficult to show caring, and hence build trust, for people lower in trust. Kind acts that should convey caring, such as complimenting or providing support, are often not received well by those lower in trust.’

The survey looked at 359 adults in relationships between aged between 18 and 66, and found out that relationship satisfaction increased whenever their partners asked how their day was.


And since it covers a wide age range, it seems that this technique works across generations. Showing that you care enough to ask about somebody’s day can mean a lot to them, without making any grand gestures.

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Those involved in the study answered two surveys, one that assessed how confident they were that their partner loved them and is committed to the relationship, and the other asked about overall relationship satisfaction.

The university’s research has shown that taking an interest in our partner’s lives and wellbeing by asking a simple question can mean more than lots of compliments.

So if you don’t already ask your partner this question, it might be a good time to start!

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