The new probiotic proven to drive weight loss in over 45s without dieting or exercise

probiotic weight loss

Looking to lose weight? It could be as simple as taking a daily probioctic capsule according to some new research by Pro-Ven, the makers of new probioic weight loss capsules.

It’s long been understood that probiotics can do a lot for our wellbeing. They boost our gut health, therefore enhanching our mood, reducing cravings and help beat the bloat, to create a happier tummy and digestive system. But is probiotic weight loss a thing though? Many people hope so, and now one company reports that they have developed a successful formula for just that.

A recent study has found that a new ‘ShapeLine’ probiotic from Pro-ven reduces weight, waist circumference and BMI. The study was commissioned by the manufacturors of this probiotic, Pro-Ven.

Probiotic weight loss: is it possible?

The clinical study saw 220 participants aged between 30-65 take a probiotic capsule every day, for six months. Participants were both male and female, and made no changes to their lifestyle or exercise regimes. Unlike many weight loss studies, no-one was placed on a calorie controlled diet. Pro-Ven report that many particpants lost weight, reduced their waist size and BMI.

To quash the idea that this was a ‘one - off’ finding, the researchers apparently then repeated the study. Particapnts in the second study were from the same target group, but were over 45 years old. The results, we are told, are even more promising, with paricpants averaging higher weight loss and reductions in waist size and BMI.

Both studies showed an average weight loss of between 3 and 7 pounds, a reduction in waist circumference of 1 to 2cm and a reduction in BMI of 1 to 4%.

If you keep in mind that the people involved in the study made no other changes to their lifestyle, then this certainly sounds impressive.

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According to Prov-Ven, the results of taking the ShapeLine probiotic were most prominent in those over 50 with high cholesterol levels, which the probiotic also claims to assist with.

Professor Marchesi of Pro-ven explains that the ‘friendly bacteria’ inside the probiotic modifies the metabolism of bile; the fluid produced by the liver, which helps us digest cholesterol and fat.

He adds: ‘The probiotic reduces the amount of cholesterol we absorb, and anything that interferes with bile production can interfere with how we break down fat.

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While the study showed the probiotic was beneficial for weight loss, it also showed a reduction in coughs, colds and headaches, as well as a boosting of energy levels and the mood of many of the participants involved too.

Lucy Gornall is the former Health & Fitness editor at Future and a personal trainer specializing in pre and post-natal exercise.