5 Positive Body Image Lessons From Taryn Brumfitt

Positive body image is all about how you feel inside. Internet sensation Tayrn Brumfitt shares her wisdom...

Positive body image is all about how you feel inside…

Meet Taryn Brumfitt. The Australian mother of three became an overnight internet sensation when she posted this picture, representing her journey from body loather to body lover on Facebook last year – Ashton Kutcher, Ricki Lake and Zooey Deschanel all shared her post.

‘You are fat, and you are ugly, and you are disgusting’, these are the words that Taryn muttered to herself every time she looked in the mirror.

Taryn’s quest for the perfect body started shortly after the birth of her first child. Suddenly she felt that her body wasn’t up to scratch, and that she needed cosmetic surgery to feel confident again.

The day before she was set to go under the knife, Taryn had an ‘epiphany’. Watching her daughter play, she thought, ‘How am I going to teach her to love her body, if her mum can’t do the same?’ That afternoon, she called the surgeon’s office and cancelled the operation.

But, those body confidence niggles weren’t easy to shake. So, Taryn decided to ‘do something crazy’ – entering a body building competition, pushing her body to its limits in a quest to feel confident.

Fifteen weeks later, she stepped out on stage in a bikini. Did she feel more confident than ever? No. ‘I did have the perfect body, or near enough’, Taryn says. ‘And you know what? Nothing changed. Nothing about the way I felt about my body.’

At that moment, she stopped with the negativity – and launched the Body Image Movement. Now an exponent on the value and power of positive body image, Taryn’s new book, ‘Embrace: My Journey From Body Loather to Body Lover’ (£14.99; New Holland Publishers) is fast becoming a bestseller.

American chat show host, Ricki Lake writes in the forward to Taryn’s book, ‘As someone who has struggled with my body image over the years…it is inspiring to see someone like Taryn take a stand against the way society pressurises women to conform to a certain shape.’

Could Taryn Brumfitt’s new-found wisdom help you to embrace every inch too?

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