The adorable service Labrador helping to relieve the stress of doctors battling the coronavirus pandemic

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Across the world there are countless doctors, nurses and medical professionals helping in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In one hospital in particular across the pond, there is a special someone helping to reduce stress among the brave health workers.

A one-year-old service dog called Wynn is doing her bit in the Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.

The adorable yellow Labrador is helping to bring calm and comfort to the hospital’s staff who are working on the coronavirus frontline.

The sweet pooch is providing some soft and furry relief to health workers in need of a break from the tiring responsibility.

The gentle pup is currently being trained to be an assistance dog for for Canine Companions for Independence, a charity that provides disable people with care and assistance dogs free of charge.

Wynn has been trained by emergency physician Susan Ryan ever since she was just eight-weeks-old. Susan regularly takes her four-legged friend to the hospital with her to brighten her colleagues’ days and now she’s become a more permanent part of the team.

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Wynn’s now based in a social worker’s office and is on call for a cuddle with any member of staff who need to wind down and take a break with her.

Sharing more of Wynn’s story, Susan wrote on Instagram page, The Dogist, explaining, ‘She has saved us because we are very stressed and anxious. Sometimes too busy to be scared.

Going on to open up about her wishes for the public going ahead, Susan added, ‘My wish for everyone would be that they not worry about getting a test and just presume themselves positive and consider every surface potentially contaminated and act accordingly. It just means physical distance, wash before and after touching anything.

We can find comfort in each other when we know I have your back and you have mine.’

Caitlin Elliott
Caitlin Elliott