8 Ways To Stick To The Jane Plan Diet

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Veg Snack Boxes

Have you signed up the Jane Plan yet? The diet delivery service can help you lose a stone in a month and is one of the easiest ways to lose weight as all your meals are delivered right to your door. All you have to do is top up with fruit and veg as well as dairy, such as low fat yogurt and skimmed milk. Even snacks are included in your Jane Plan box! Easy, right?

It works, but you have to stick to the plan, of course - and that can mean changing your habits (and as with any diet, resisting temptation!).

How will you get through that 11am dangerzone? How will you get your sweet fix? What happens when you run out of Jane Plan snacks?! These 8 tips will make it easier to stay on track with the plan and reach your goal weight.

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1. Keep the freezer stocked with berries for breakfast

Freezing fresh berries or picking up frozen berries in the first place means you'll always have a sprinkle of fruit to hand to add to your Jane Plan breakfast first think. It's so easy to pep up a bowl of granola and yogurt with some colourful fruit.

2. Make mid-morning veg snack boxes

That 11am slump? Stop yourself reaching for the biscuits by going to work armed with a mid-morning veg snack box to much your way through. Mix it up each day, but try carrot sticks, mini tomatoes and cucumber. Freshly sliced apple wouldn't go amiss either. Try anything with a satisfying crunch.

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3. Add baby spinach leaves and herbs to soups

Eat more leafy greens by adding them to Jane Plan soups. A handful of spinach wilted into the bowl is a very simple way to sneak in extra nutrients, or try a small handful of fresh herbs for a fragrant soup that will give you a lunchtime lift.

4. Add crunchy lettuce, radishes and celery to pep up boxed salads

It's unusual to have an ambient salad, but the boxed salads on the Jane Plan are so convenient because you can them anywhere. Give them extra crunch (and get more of your 5 a day too).

5. For a sweet fix, eat fruit

This is a good habit that will last a lifetime. Pace yourself with Jane Plan snacks by eating fruit between meals if you're still craving sweetness.

6. Grate or chop Jane Plan chocolate bars into mini portions

Are you a real chocoholic? Make a bar go further by chopping it into small squares or grating it, then rationing it for a little taste of chocolate when you need it.

7. Spiralize veg for texture

Be creative with veg by investing in a spiralizer or julienne peeler, which has a similar result but for just a few pounds. Making courgette, carrot or sweet potato 'spaghetti' or ribbons (using a plain old potato peeler) will make side salads more interesting.

8. Bulk up dinner with green veg

Are the Jane Plan portions smaller than you're used to? Microwave, steam or boil green veg to add to your evening meal, which will fill you up for longer AND add important nutrients.

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