9 Unique Wedding Cakes To Wow Your Guests

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  • If you’re looking for a wedding cake with a twist, you’ve come to the right place. Pretty, floral, traditional wedding cakes are all well and good, but if you want something that points to a more exuberant, edgy couple, you might want to choose a centrepiece that’s a little more unique.

    Guests love seeing unique wedding cakes and doing something a bit different will make sure they remember your day as being truly one of a kind. The cakes we’ve rounded up are perfect for doubling up as pudding, too, as most of them are made up of multiple miniatures which are easy for guests to help themselves to.

    The other great thing? Most unique wedding cakes are significantly cheaper than your standard fare as they don’t require all the baking of traditional fruit cake layers and delicate icing.

    Scroll down to see which of these unique wedding cakes is your favourite, and if you can’t decide, well, who said you could only have one?

    Multiple Miniatures Wedding Cake

    Whether it’s doughnuts, macaroons, profiteroles, or even cookies you love; arrange them in a pattern, balance them on a cake stand, and form a wedding cake of yummy miniatures. This is definitely a cheaper alternative to elaborate styles exhibited by many wedding cake, and provides a chance to show off and share your favourite sweet treats. Let’s just hope you can agree with your new hubby on the choice of miniatures!

    Pork Pie Wedding Cake

    [instagram] https://www.instagram.com/p/BGze2GRI1oX/?tagged=porkpieweddingcake [/instagram]
    If sweets aren’t your bag, this savoury pie has got your back. Personalise with a special mould, or decorate with fruits and vegetables of your choice to create a stunning centrepiece that will double up as you evening buffet. And if you don’t get through it all on the big day there really is nothing better for a ‘hazy’ head the next day than a big ol’ slice of pie.

    Cheese Wedding Cake

    No, we don’t mean a soft and creamy cheesecake; we mean a cake of cheese. Gouda, Camembert, Edam, Shropshire Blue – if you can stack it, you can slice it (as a wedding cake). This gorgeous tower of the finest fromages in the land makes a delicious final course for family and friends. Just don’t count on it smelling of roses.

    Pancake Wedding Cake

    Many of us will have too many butterflies in our stomachs to make room for breakfast on our wedding days, but this cake ensures that you don’t miss the most important meal of the day (albeit a slightly later time of consumption), whilst providing an alternative, fun, and uniquely customised cake for your guests. If you’re feeling particularly virtuous you could pile on fresh fruit and flowers to provide a healthy twist (as if you needed any more excuses).

    Cornflake Wedding Cake

    In a similar vein to the pancake cake, this cornflake cake refuses to leave cereal behind at the breakfast table. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you can’t release your inner child and indulge in a favourite from your youth. It’s also almost guaranteed to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

    Jelly Bean Wedding Cake

    Paint the rainbow with a Jelly Bean wedding cake. This explosion of colour provides a fantastic contrast against a white wedding dress, and will raise happy childhood memories for all involved. Nearby dentists would probably encourage you to have some sort of cake underneath the jellybeans, however.

    Ice cream Sandwich Wedding Cake

    Summer wedding? Look no further for the ultimate seasonal cake. Fill giant cookies with huge slices of ice cream to create the latest in trendy dessert eating – the ice cream sandwich. You can pick all your favourite flavours and all guests, big and little, will love having a slice for dessert. Just make sure there’s room at your venue to refrigerate until the last moment!

    Biscuit Wedding Cake

    There’s something just so satisfying about a biscuit, and this unique wedding cake should see off any blood sugar dips well into the evening. Favourites include Oreos and Custard Creams but the world is your oyster, this is your day, and you shall have whatever biscuit you choose!

    Doughnut Wedding Cake

    Who wouldn’t want a pile of pillowy soft deep fried dough balls as a unique alternative to a wedding cake? We can’t think of anyone. This display can be made to look even prettier with pastel icing, delicate flowers and a few bits of summer fruit.

    Meringue Wedding Cake

    Meringues have had a real makeover of late, with beautifully coloured and flavoured options bursting onto the (Instagram) scene. You could make a cake entirely from meringues to serve with fresh cream and juicy fruit for dessert or you could cover a traditional cake in meringues if you want the best of both worlds.