7 Must-Have Recipes For A Proper British Street Party

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Victoria Sandwich Loaf
Victoria Sandwich Loaf
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It's the Queen's 90th birthday this week, which is the perfect excuse for a street party! But it's not the real deal without these must-make recipes. These are the traditional British recipes at their best; shared with neighbours and friends... Think meaty sausage rolls, slices of lemon drizzle cake with afternoon tea and a big trifle to share. These must-have street party recipes are sure to bring back childhood memories.

Of course, everyone has their own versions and twists that they use on classic recipes, but we've created a list of 7 street food recipes that it won't be a proper British party without. How many will you be making?

1. Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon drizzle cake is a teatime favourite and a real classic that we've all grown up with. This cake is so easy to make and tastes fresh and zesty, with a perfectly moist sponge. Using a ring mould makes it extra special. It's just perfect sliced and shared over afternoon tea.

Get the recipe: Lemon drizzle cake

2. Sausage Rolls

It's not a party without sausage rolls! Eaten hot or cold, it's so simple to make them ahead and share. Plus, homemade sausage rolls using very meaty sausages taste so much better than anything you can buy in the shops.

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3. Scones

The afternoon tea tradition dates back to the early nineteenth century when the seventh Duchess of Bedford is said to have complained of "having that sinking feeling" in the late afternoon. She's said to have taken a pot of tea and a light snack in her boudoir during the afternoon, which eventually became known as afternoon tea. It wouldn't be afternoon tea without scones - a British classic, served with jam and cream. You can't go wrong with Mary Berry's fruity scones recipe.

Get the recipe: Mary Berry's fruity scones

4. Scotch Eggs

Though the origins of the Scotch egg are obscure, they're a real street party favourite. This recipe has a summery twist that really brings them up to date.

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5. Coronation Chicken

Chicken, raisins, a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce and plenty of curry powder make coronation chicken, which is a traditional salad or sandwich filling. Our version has a lightened up version of the sauce, made with natural or Greek yogurt.

Get the recipe: Coronation chicken

6. Summer Sherry Trifle

A classic English trifle is made with sponge cake soaked in fruit and sherry, layered with thick custard topped with fresh cream. This summery version can be made with all sorte dof berries; just mix and match what you have or prefer.

Get the recipe: Summer sherry trifle

7. Victoria Sponge

It doesn't get more British than a Victoria sponge cake, with plenty of cream and strawberries sandwiched in a springy sponge. Our street party version has all the classic favours but in the shape of a loaf cake so it's easier to share.

Get the recipe: Victoria sandwich loaf

Happy street partying everyone!