Spring recipes

Make the most of what the season has to offer with these delicious spring recipes, with an abundance of brilliant produce.

Spring Green Salad, part of our Spring recipes collection
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These Spring recipes are full of flavor and make the most of the freshest ingredients of the season. There's a recipe for every occasion—from delicious spring beef with beetroot, to a spring salad, and a vibrant pasta primavera.

If you're on the hunt for a recipe that's ideal for the spring months, these spring recipes are packed with inspiration, whether you need a meal for midweek or the weekend, and whether you're entertaining or simply cooking for the family.

These meals make the most of seasonal ingredients including asparagus, watercress and more with, and are easy but impressive dishes that you can make at home.

As the dark evenings are left behind, bring even more cheer into your life with the bounty of delicious ingredients that these spring recipes use. 

1. Pasta primavera

Spring pasta served in a bowl with a fork

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This pasta primavera is our take on the American classic, which traditionally uses Mediterranean ingredients. We've included courgette, asparagus and plenty of peas and broad beans for a light, herby dish that's perfect for a midweek meal or as part of a weekend spread.

Get the recipe: Pasta primavera

2. Coconut roast chicken

Coconut chicken on a plate with a side of broccoli with cutlery

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Give your Sunday roast an injection of springtime with this coconut roast chicken, inspired by Asian flavors but using the classic cooking method. It's full of some fantastic ingredients including lemongrass, chilli, and garlic, so it's a little different from a traditional roast but packs an amazing punch. A perfect spring recipe. 

Get the recipe: Coconut chicken

3. Spring salad

a green spring salad served on the table alongside drinks, cutlery and a dip

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No spring recipes list should be complete without a tasty salad. Our spring salad uses the best that the season has to offer—asparagus, radishes, watercress, and more! Full of vitamins, minerals, and immunity-boosting ingredients, it's the perfect option if you're after a more healthy dinner or lunch—or as an addition to an outdoor spread. 

Get the recipe: Spring salad

4. Asparagus and brie tarts

asparagus and brie tarts on plates

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Perfect for a picnic, these asparagus & brie tarts are really easy and quick to make. We used pre-rolled puff pastry but you could definitely make your own for a lovely homemade flavor. These tartlets are delicious either hot or cold—so serve them at dinner or outside. 

Get the recipe: Asparagus & brie tarts

5. Crayfish risotto

Crayfish Risotto with lemon served in a bowl, with lemon on the side

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An Italian classic, risotto is incredibly versatile. We've given it a springtime spin with this recipe, and added crayfish, parsley, and plenty of lemon juice. For an especially indulgent feel, add a swirl of mascarpone to the finished dish—it'll be incredibly creamy. 

Get the recipe: Crayfish risotto

6. Baby radish galette

Baby radish galette on a plate with salad on the side

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Spring recipes must include a tart. This colorful tart is a great centerpiece for an alfresco dinner party. The radishes, sat on a ricotta filling, are stunning—and tasty too. Serve with this a side salad or green vegetables, or as part of a wider spread. 

Get the recipe: Baby radish galette

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