Low-Fat Dessert Recipes

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  • Low fat dessert recipes including chocolate and coffee mousse, blackcurrant sorbet and zingy melon salad

    If you’re on a diet, there’s nothing worse than knowing there’s something you can’t eat. If anything, it makes you crave it more. It’s even worse if you have a sweet tooth and feel as though you’re being denied everything that you love. Our low-fat dessert recipes will show you that there’s no reason why you can’t indulge a little, even if you are watching your waistline. We’ve brought together healthier dessert recipes that are lower in fat and sugar than shop-bought desserts, but just as delicious and satisfying.

    Try our strawberry fizz recipe (pictured) – it’s even great to serve as a dessert when expecting guests. This will satisfy your sweet tooth and what’s even better is that strawberries are an anti-oxidant which means that you’ll be doing your body some good whilst enjoying this dessert! If you don’t like strawberries or don’t have any at home, then any seasonal berries are great. The sparkling wine adds a fun twist to the end of any meal and guests are sure to be delighted.

    A delicious, indulgent dessert doesn’t have to be packed full of refined sugar and saturated fat to taste good, it’s actually surprisingly easy to stay healthy and enjoy a little dessert from time to time. The variety of recipes is huge too, so you’ll never be short of ideas. Whether you’re making a snack for yourself, or expecting guests round for afternoon tea or dinner, we have some great low fat dessert recipes you can try that are tasty and won’t affect your waistband!

    Most of these are great for kids too, especially if you want to keep them away from additives and E-numbers that you often find in desserts marketed to children!

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