John Torode's My Kind Of Food

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John Torode's my kind of food

In John Torode's My Kind Of Food, the TV chef and presenter shares recipes that are very personal to him, that he likes to cook at home away from the lights and cameras. You'll find simple, delicious food you'll be making again and again, like his broccoli linguine, French-inspired duck with potatoes and potato rosti.

These recipes are all super simple - you won't be stuck in the kitchen for hours making elaborate dishes; they're really delicious and full of flavour, and yet they're reall homely too.

In this recipe extract, John Torode shares three recipes from his book.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Linguine

Throw this purple sprouting broccolii pasta recipe together in a matter of minutes. It's super quick, which makes it a really great choice for a midweek meal and there's so many lovely colours and textures coming through. You can easily scale this recipe up or down, depending on how many people you're cooking for too.

Duck With Potatoes

For a really simple roast recipe that goes to show you don't need to over-complicate things, give this roast duck and potatoes recipe a go. Tender duck and crispy-skinned potatoes that are perfectly fluffy inside. Delicious!


This rosti recipe can either make one big one or two smaller ones, which will happily feed a family of four. It's really filling and goes well with the fresh-tasting Greek salad. You can either have it as a side to roast meat or grilled fish, or as a dish on it's own.

Taken from John Torode's My Kind Of Food. Photography ©Yuki Sugiura