4 Delightful Rosé Wines For Under £10

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2013 Pillar and Post Pinotage Rose
2013 Pillar and Post Pinotage Rose
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Anyone who grew up drinking Mateus at parties will be amazed to hear that rosé wines are regarded as the pinnacle of sophistication in certain circles, especially if they hail from Provence. Pinks from the Côte d'Azur were always considered chic, but since Brad and Angelina released their first Miraval rosé in 2013, interest in sales have gone crazy.

You used to be able to divide the rosé market into two equal camps - pale ones that are almost made like white wines, and richer, deeper coloured ones that are almost mini red wines - but the rise and rise of Côtes de Provence and its imitators has shifted the balance in favour of the former style.

We're also seeing fewer sweet rosés - especially white Zinfandels and so-called "blush" wines from California - as our tastes move towards drier wines that work better with food. Even if you don't want to shell out £18.50 for a bottle of their wine, we have a lot to thank Brangelina for.

It's not just the image of rosé that has changed. It's also the diversity of sources. Once upon a time, the pink market was a European preserve, with France, Spain, Italy and Portugal dominating the scene, but these days, good (and bad) rosé can come from anywhere. There's never been a better time to drink pink.

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1. NV Kooliburra Reserve Rosé, South Eastern Australia

If you like sweetness, this Aussie cheapie is a better bet than most Rosé d'Anjou. Soft, fruity and very appealing, it's light in alcohol and wonderfully drinkable, with hints of cranberry and candyfloss.

Available from Aldi, £3.89 (11%)

2. 2013 Pillar & Post Pinotage Rosé, Stellenbosch

Pinotage is a Cape crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsault and is well-suited to making pink wines. This Fairtrade-certified example is brimming with summery berry flavours, with lovely rosehip and strawberry notes.

Available from Morrisons, £7 (12.5%

3. 2014 Marquesa de la Cruz Garnacha Rosado, Campo de Borja

Made by Spanish-based Master of Wine Norrel Robertson, this is a juicy style made from Garnacha's heartland in the Campo de Borj. Full-bodied and flavoursome with raspberry and red cherry fruit.

Available from Waitrose, £5.99 (14%)

4. 2015 Tesco finest* Sancerre Rosé

Most people associate Sancerre with its white wines, made from Sauvignon Blanc, but its Pinot Noir-derived reds and rosés can be every bit as good. This is floral and refined with subtle wild strawberry fruit and a crisp, tangy finish.

Available from Tesco, £9 (12.5%)