The Bake Off Contestants Appearing In The Xmas Special

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Christmas Bake Off
Christmas Bake Off
(Image credit: BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdi)

Just when we thought the union between The Great British Bake Off and the BBC was over for good, there's one final Bake Off Christmas special to look forward to!

Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue will be back on our screens to put past Bake Off contestants through their paces one last time. There will be Show Stoppers, Signature Bakes and Technical Challenges, sweaty brows and maybe even a few tears...

Here's the 2016 Christmas Bake Off line-up and trailer from the show, you may recognise some of these familiar faces:

Norman Calder

Navel officer Norman came seventh in 2014 and was a firm favourite in the series, leaving many viewers deeply disappointed when he was evicted from the tent.

Ali Imdad

Ninth in the 2013 series, Ali has fully embraced his love of baking since leaving the series, opening his own dessert parlour in Birmingham.

Howard Middleton

Howard came seventh in the 2013 series and has since published a book on gluten-free baking.

Cathryn Dresser

Who remembers Cathryn, the self-proclaimed messy baker? Cast your minds back to 2012 where she finished fifth.

James Morton

In the same series as Cathryn, James finished fourth in 2012.

Mary-Anne Boermans

One of the most memorable contestants ever, Mary-Anne was runner up in series 2 of The Great British Bake Off.

Janet Basu

Beloved Janet finished fourth in series two.

Chetna Makan

And you'll surely remember Chetna Makan who came fourth in 2014?

So there you have it, the 2016 Great British Bake Off Christmas special contestants. They'll be put through their paces by Mary and Paul and have to endure the innuendos and quips of Mel and Sue too. We can't wait.


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