An Avocado Shortage Is Coming (And The Bad News Doesn't End There)

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Avocado shortage

The news that there could be a shortage of avocados on the horizon has sent guacamole enthusiasts everywhere into a state of panic.

After having to face up the realities of a biscuit shortage, and then a prosecco shortage earlier this year it seems like the bad news will never end. And we couldn’t be sadder about this latest revelation.

Thanks to an increasing popularity, avocados are looking like they might not be in such ready supply in the not too distant future with American restaurants already reporting shortages and price spikes. And that’s not where the bad news ends. The limited supply of this delicious South American fruit will also mean the price of them will soar.

Experts have predicted the shortage after a report by Uproxx denoted that avocados are quickly becoming a luxury item thanks to a combination of climate change and increased pressure on growers to meet the demands of avocado-on-toast enthusiasts everywhere.

Droughts in areas where these gorgeously creamy fruits grow have meant that farmers are unable to produce the volumes of avocados that they were once able to. Combined with a huge increase in interest from consumers means that we could be on the edge of a shortage.

Avocados have been hailed a superfood for some years now with health enthusiasts keen on their high levels of fibre, good fats and potassium - all wrapped up into one handy piece of fruit. Whether you spread it on toast, top it with an egg or dunk tortilla chips into guacamole this is bad news.

To make the most of it while stocks last why not whip up some of our favourite avocado recipes? From salads and savouries to sweets and desserts we’ve got plenty of ways to use up your avocados.

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