How To Dress A Top Heavy Body Shape

8 easy ways to dress confidently for your top heavy body shape with our expert advice

Do you have a top heavy body shape? Or maybe you’re not sure if you do but suspect you might? The easy way to tell is if you have a large chest and upper body area, and little waist definition. You may also have slimmer arms and legs, but tend to collect weight around your middle. You’ll also most identify with the Apple or Inverted Triangle body shape. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie all fall into this category, so you’re in good company!

If, like actress Susan Sarandon, you have a top heavy body shape, dressing to flatter your figure can feel difficult at times. But, with a few clever styling tricks, dressing your shape can be a cinch and you can look just as fabulous as Sarandon at Cannes. It’s just about learning the golden style rules to how to best flatter your figure. The main goals should be to flatter your abundant cleavage and create definition in your waist, resulting in a gorgeous silhouette.

We’ve picked out some of the best buys for top heavy women, including clothes for work, an evening out, relaxing at home and those all-important special occasions. We’ve also detailed how to wear these pieces and why they’ll flatter your figure, meaning that you’ll pick up more than just a few tricks to look and feel your best. Once you know how to dress for your body shape, shopping for clothing will be a breeze.

Some quick style rules to follow are to embrace the V-neck (which will show off your cleavage), stick to fitted pieces that nip in at the waist, and avoid items that constrict your top half (like buttons or tight collars).

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