Victoria Beckham Reveals The Make-up Tricks That Make Her The Best Version Of Herself

Victoria Beckham, OBE, is indisputably one of Britain’s hottest fashion and beauty entrepreneurs. Did you know her capsule make-up collection with Estee Lauder, which debuted last September, was single-handedly the biggest beauty launch in Selfridges’ history?

The new VBxEstee Lauder range hits stores soon and it’s already making waves in the beauty world. Hero buys include returning favourites, the radiance-boosting Morning Aura Illuminating Crème and metallic Eye Foils, perfect for a dramatic smokey eye. A new product destined to become a cult classic is the vampy Black Cassis lipstick in a dark blood-red hue. “This is a really great colour. It feels Parisian and uber chic,” says Victoria. 

Woman & Home beauty director, Jo G-B, chats to her about the inspiration behind the best-selling range, her make-up essentials and the beauty advice she’ll give her daughter…

I love make-up. I started wearing it way too young – I think I came out wearing it! I’ve always been very girly and remember sitting on my mother’s bed watching her get ready in the ’90s. She was big shoulder pads, enormous root lift and always Elnett hairspray – I still have an obsession with that distinctive smell.

My earliest make-up memory is of my Mum taking her lipstick out of her bag and plastering it on my cheeks because ‘I looked a bit peaky!” Apparently it really ‘livened me up!’

‘Less is more’ will be my advice to my daughter, Harper. She and I love playing together with makeup; obviously she’s only six, but I do think less is more. There’s a lot of scary make-up out there at the moment, especially on young girls. 

My all-time classic go-to look? I love spidery lashes and a nude lip. I also prefer a matte face; that way, if I want shine, I’ll add it and control it, otherwise I’ll look like an oil slick. I do love a dark lip too as it’s so chic and Parisian. Great for red carpet, but I’d definitely wear less on my eyes and just create a great brow.

There’s a lot of pressure to be camera ready these days. I’m always travelling, flying between London and LA, and the moment I step off the flight I’m photographed. That’s why I created my cream Morning Aura. I needed something that was moisturising, lifting, tightening, and also acts as a primer, as that’s how I need to look when I land. I love mixing it with moisturiser, and sometimes if I’m wearing something sleeveless at night I’ll put a little on my collarbone, legs and along my arms.

My go-to make-up emergency? A pair of sunglasses! People always ask why am I often photographed wearing them, even when I’m indoors. But, as any mum knows, if you’ve been up all night with children, they hide a multitude of sins, especially if I haven’t had time to put any make-up on. But hopefully, that won’t happen!

My collection is inspired by the great products I’ve used over the years. I’ve been collecting make-up for decades and have always been mixing products to get the result that I want, inspired by the many make-up artists I’ve worked with. My collection represents key pieces that I really need in my make-up kit. Like my fashion, I want to empower women to make them feel sexy and confident. I love to make women feel like a best version of themselves.