This new range could change the way you think about skincare

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  • It’s no secret that a consistant balanced, healthy lifestyle beats quick fixes and fads when it comes to our bodies. But do you apply this same theory to your skin? Let’s be honest, the beauty industry makes a LOT of ‘quick fix’ promises it can’t keep, but an exciting new line is hoping to change that chatter to a long-term goal of skin health. And it’s got us very excited. 

    BareMinerals Skinsorials collection, dopping into stores June 2nd, doesn’t claim to magically reverse the ageing process (how refreshing!) Instead the nine products in the range, including four cleansers, four moisturisers and one ‘hero’ serum, have been created with skin health and the longevity of your complexion in mind. So what’s the secret? A very special ingredient, the long life herb.

    Found on Okinawa, the Japanese Island known to have the longest female life expentancy in the world, this vitamin and mineral-rich plant thrives in conditions that would make others wither in seconds. The herb is a key part of the Okinawa diet, famed for keeping it’s residents healthy and vital well into old age. You’ll find it in Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion, £45, so if you only try one product from the collection make it  that. This potent antioxidant-packed serum contains long life herb extract as well as poppy and ginger to protect and boost radiance. It feels silky, absorbs instantly and gives skin an healthy glow and plumped up bounce. 


    So what else do we love? There’s a cleanser to suit everyone in the range, whether you prefer an oil, foam, gel or our personal favourite the Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser, £18. This satisfyingly thick formula draws out oil and grime, transforms into a creamy lather when wet and leaves skin feeling tingly and clean, but without the tightness you might expect from a clay. 


    The moisturisers are equally all-encompassing, with an oil-free gel, lightweight lotion for combination skin, regular hydrating cream or the super-rich Cream Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream, £32. A elvety pot of skin quenching goodness with natural active peptides and ceramides as well as cushioning shea butter. 

    The Skinsorials collection by BareMinerals is available June 2nd at bareMinerals boutiques, Debenhams and – we predict a sell out! 

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