The Best Body Hair Removal Products

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  • Shave, wax and zap that unwanted body hair for smooth summer-ready skin

    15 April 2015

    There are so many reasons to love being a woman, but being locked in a battle against body hair is not one of them. Whether you shave your legs on an ad-hoc ‘need to show’ basis or have six-weekly appointments with a waxer, most of us just want the best body hair removal products with a minimum of fuss, cost and ouch factor.   

    Professional body hair removal is a great option for those with the budget and time for regular salon appointments, but for the rest of us there are plenty of great do-it-yourself options at home. 

    There’s a reason shaving is so enduringly popular, it’s fast, cheap, easy and can be done as often (or as little) as you like. If you prefer body hair removal products like creams and waxing, then you’re probably someone who is willing to take a little more time and to get a more professional, longer lasting result. 
    Epilation seems to be the marmite of the hair removal world, some women swear by it, others are put off by the ouch factor and can’t stick it out – it does get easier and more comfortable the more you do it, promise! Once you’ve tried laser hair removal, or IPL, chances are you won’t go back. The initial investment on these devices is much higher than your typical razor or cream but the results can be permanent, which to many of us, is priceless. It can take around 6 weeks to start to see noticeable results, so now’s the time to start if you want to be smooth for summer. 
    Whatever your preferred method of hair removal, don’t hit the chemist or lock the bathroom door until you have read our guide to the newest, and best hair removal products. There’s a method out there to suit everyone, no matter what your budget (or pain threshold!) Click through for our pick of the bunch…