The Beauty Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before

Mascara, eyeliner, concealer, primer, BB and CC creams…the list never ends! With our beauty arsenal always increasing, sometimes our regimes (and wallets!) feel the blow. How many products do YOU use a day? On average, a woman owns no less than 40 beauty products, many of which she’ll never use.

Of course there are the essentials, but did you know that even your most useful products can double up for other beauty tasks? We’re all guilty of an overflowing bathroom cabinet or makeup bag, so why not cull the products you don’t need and try some of these double-duty beauty tips today.

Use aftershave as a primer


The latest buy loved by beauty bloggers is none other than Nivea Men Post Shave Balm, £5.35, as an alternative to expensive primers. It fills in any cracks and creates the perfect canvas to apply makeup. With a good primer costing around £25, you could do worse than save £20 with this bargainous purchase.

Use hair conditioner as shaving cream

An oldie but a goodie, swap shaving cream for hair conditioner for seriously smooth results.

Use deodrant as nail polish remover

This one astounded the woman&home staff…if you’ve run out of nail polish remover, either spray deodrant directly onto the nail, or onto a cotton bud and wipe as usual.

Use deodrant to mattify your face

Deodrant is a wonder product! It may sound ridiculous, but the powdery ingredients and minerals found in deodrant makes for a great skin primer and can even dry out spots.

Use lipstick as blusher

Want to add a little rouge to your cheeks? Use any satin or matte finish lipstick as a blusher. Simply sweep a finger or lipstick brush across the top of the lipstick and apply to the apples of your cheeks as normal. 

Use mascara as eyeliner

At a pinch, mascara can double as eyeliner. Use a fine brush and pick up mascara against the wand, or if you’re a deft hand shimmy the mascara wand against the lashline to create one smooth line.

Use loose powder as dry shampoo


Don’t panic if disaster strikes and you’ve run out of dry shampoo and you don’t have time to wash it. Sprinkle transclucent face powder over your hair and rub in with fingers to hide greasy roots. It also helps to volumise – result!

Use lip balm to tame brows


Unruly eyebrow hairs ruining your look? Apply a spot of lip balm to your eyebrows to smooth out stragglers.