The surprising £20 buy that’ll help you look leaner in a swimsuit this summer

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  • Stripping down to your swimsuit can leave even the most body positive of us feeling overexposed and under-confident.

    Ring true for you? Help is at hand. Our beauty director, Rosie Green, consulted A-list make-up artists Ruby Hammer and Caroline Barnes – both of whom are experts in making women feeling their most beautiful – for their top tips.

    And there’s one surprising buy that they reckon every woman should invest in to help them look their very best on the beach this summer – a body brush.

    Why? “We keep saying it because it makes a real difference,” laughs 45-year-old Caroline.

    “Start doing it a few weeks before your holiday. It encourages cell turnover so your skin looks radiant, and it removes that winter layer of dead skin so your products will absorb more easily. It also stops any fake tan from looking patchy.”

    Ruby, 56, is equally passionate. “It also helps boost lymph drainage, making limbs look leaner and lumpy skin look smoother.”

    Our top buy? Try ESPA’s Skin Brush, £20 (pictured), which smooths and tones, for beautifully radiant skin.

    So what other products and practices do our experts swear by when prepping for swimsuit season? Discover more of their recommended beauty buys in the gallery below…