Skincare Buys For A Flawless Complexion – Minus The Make-Up!

Dare to bare with these new innovations in skincare...

Ever wish that you had such flawless, glowing skin, you’d never have to touch a foundation brush again? That getting a perfectly even, clear and luminous skin would be as easy as just waking up in the morning? Well, with the right skincare, that could be a reality.

The more care we put into making our skin as healthy as possible, the more we’ll reap the rewards, so when you’re trying to get perfect skin, the first port of cal should be skincare not makeup.

First things first – find out your skin type. For example, if one of your main concerns with makeup is combating shine, your skin might be dehydrated and making more oil to make up for it, so tackle that and you’ve already cut out the need for mattifying powders and primers!

Once you’ve identified what your skin needs to look its best, all you need to do is build up a skincare routine around it that supports it. What do you need? A cleanser that deeply cleanses right down into pores, taking away dirt and debris so you can avoid any breakouts. An exfoliator makes all the difference too – whether you choose a peel or a scrub – getting dead skin cells out of the way means your moisturisers and serums sink in much more effectively too.

Look for a day moisturiser that brightens and tightens skin, leaving it looking dewy and luminous and for night, work out a skincare routine that suits you – a serum and cream packed full of antioxidants and nutrients that’ll help to fight signs of ageing while giving your skin the hydration and nourishment it needs to repair itself while you’re getting your beauty sleep.

Oh, and one thing you simply mustn’t forget? SPF – for great skin at all ages, there’s nothing that’ll work better. You’ll be throwing out your foundation in no time…