Natural anti-ageing skincare you need to know about

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Discover the #cleanerbeauty products that care for your skin – and the environment

We all know that maturing skin needs a little more TLC to counteract the ageing process. But while you probably avoid junk food, what do you know about the ingredients in your face cream?

The ban on the sale of products packed with ocean-polluting microbeads comes into effect in July but there are still plenty of chemicals in our beauty products that we could do without.

What makes our shower gels foam, for example, is an unnecessary chemical compound called sodium lauryl sulphate. Many products have parabens added to extend their shelf life and research suggests these may disrupt the way our bodies work. The jury’s out on that but why use them when there are risk-free alternatives that are so divine you won’t leave them sitting on the bathroom shelf?

One easy way to guarantee that what you put on your skin is is natural as possible is to head to Holland & Barrett where you’ll find shelves full of products that are brimming with natural, skin-loving ingredients that makes achieving a #cleanerbeauty regime that little bit easier.

Check out our top 5 anti-ageing #cleanerbeauty products to give you natural, anti-ageing skincare that’s kind to you and the planet…

Anti-ageing face cream


As we get older, the collagen and elastin fibres that support our skin begin to break down, resulting in dryness and wrinkles. Dr Organic Pro Collagen Plus Black Pearl Moisturiser, £18.99, is mineral rich and clinically proven to increase hydration for smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Eye serum


The areas round our eyes are first place to show signs of ageing because the skin here is thinner than elsewhere. Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Eye Lift and Lumination Serum, £19.99, a lightweight serum, will revive tired-looking eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lightly dab on your socket bones with your ring finger, and avoid pulling or dragging the skin.

Circulation booster

Dead Sea Scrub

Exfoliating regularly will boost circulation, unclog pores and speed up the turnover of your skin cells to reveal soft, revitalised skin. Sweep Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing, £13.99, over dry skin in circular movements and savour the gorgeous citrussy smell. Rinse off in the shower or soak in the bath and let the silky coconut oil and vitamin E sink in.

Dry skin saviour

Weleda Skin Food

By the age of 50, our skin loses half of its hyaluronic acid (imagine a sponge that holds all the moisture under our skin and keeps it plump). It’s not great news but with a wonder product like Weleda Skin Food, £9.95, which you can use on your face and body, dry skin will feel nourished and supple in no time. It has a light orangey-lavender fragrance we love and Victoria Beckham and Adele both swear by it.

Lip balm

Hemp balm

Organic hemp oil is described as ‘nature’s most perfectly balanced oil’ and Dr Organic Hemp Oil Lip Balm, £3.79, is the handbag hero we all need.  Use it to soothe chapped lips and enjoy the natural cinnamint flavour. It has SPF15 to keep your lips safe in the sun.

Now we’ve introduced you to #CleanerBeauty products at Holland & Barrett, tell your friends about its anti-ageing skincare. It’s good for you and the environment.