How To Eat Your Way To Great Hair

Forget expensive products and lengthy salon trips - the secret to great hair is in your next meal...

Do you long for naturally great hair? You know the kind of hair we mean – those lustrous, glossy tresses that just scream good health. Well, it turns out that the answer to your hair woes could lie in the kitchen! Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has just revealed she doesn’t own a hairbrush – and relies on foods for healthy hair. 

It’s easy to follow in Gisele’s footsteps and eat your way to long, luscious locks – starting at your next meal.

We’ve rounded up the best foods for healthy hair to help you achieve the tresses you’ve always wanted. There’s no need to invest in pricey supplements or hair care products – simply eat your way to healthy hair instead. Nothing is more ageing than limp and brittle locks, so make sure you stock up on these power foods on your next trip to the supermarket.

Hair is 97% protein, so it makes sense to eat a high protein diet (foods like fish, chicken, and lentils all fall into this category) to help replenish hair and prevent brittle, weak strands from forming. Zinc and iron are also necessary minerals that will strengthen hair from within, giving shine and radiance to your locks. Meanwhile, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids will also help to keep you hair and scalp healthy and hydrated. 

Vitamins B, B5, C and D are so important to the scalp, hair follicle and growth ability of your tresses, so packing your diet full of foods rich in these vitamins is essential. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean seven days of boring salads! Our top picks of the foods for healthy hair don’t just pack a nutritional punch – they’re also totally delicious.

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