3 Quick Tricks For Wide-Awake Eyes

A busy lifestyle can take its toll on our eyes, but bags and wrinkles can be reduced with some simple steps. 

Firstly, and it may sound obvious, but it’s so important to rest easy and get enough sleep. Can’t fit in your 8 hours? You can give your body an extra boost manually. Fluid fills up under our eyes each night because we’re lying down, so add an extra pillow to elevate the face and try your hardest to sleep on your back – the best position for keeping wrinkles to a minimum.

An at-home massage could leave you with brighter, wide-awake eyes too. Simply massage away any excess fluid first thing: using your ring fingers, press lightly but firmly all around the eye contour from the outer corner to the inner, without dragging.

Of course, science can do its bit too! These products will help to keep your eyes bright and wide-awake…

1. Erase Darkness

“Shadow-free makes your whole complexion look brighter,” says Sian Jones, head of Research and Product Development for Balance Me. Check out tinted eye breams that conceal as they prime and protect: try bestseller Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On Light, £9.99, or the refreshing Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream, £20, with classic cucumber, rosehip oil and light reflectors.

2. Cool Puffiness

“First, place a couple of cotton pads in the freezer,” says celebrity facialist Nichola Joss. “Gently massage an eye cream into the contour for a minute or two, then apply an icy pad to each eye to help cool, soothe and reduce puffiness. This will also push cream deeper into the skin to nourish more deeply.” Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Eye Treatment, £40, increases the blood flow circulation system to boost cell renewal.

3. Brow Lift

“Beautifully groomed brows draw attention to, and actually make eyes look bigger,” says Benefit make-up ambassador Lisa Potter-Dixon. “Use a white or ivory highlighting colour on the brow bone right under the arch of the brow to draw attention up and away from any droopiness. Then apply a couple of coats of really black mascara to the eyelashes to make eyes instantly appear more open.” Suits every brow: Benefit High Brow Lifting Pencil, £16.50, is easy to place just where you need it.