Your 2013 horoscopes: Pisces

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Empowerment is the theme of 2013: taking control of your own destiny and no longer waiting for others to get their act together or make the decisions. Yes, it's a responsibility your being where the buck stops, but it is also liberating. Start as you mean to go on, and make that first big decision on or near 30th January. Don't leave a situation too long before taking action: if you sense an opportunity, go for it; and should you see a red flag, deal with it straight away. Home, family and creative projects receive Jupiter's blessing, which for some means a new place to live and/or welcoming someone new into the family; and for others working from home. Express your creativity, find your vocation and follow your heart, and 2013's promise will be fulfilled. As always, eclipses represent the turning-points of each year, so don't be surprised by what happens on and around 25 May and 1 November, and if you're ready to take a plunge of any sort, aim for those periods. Be fearless!

Fab Dates:  1& 11 March, 22 June, 18 July, 14 September

Drab Dates: 4 February, 6 June, 24 August, 18 September, 18 October,


Self-belief is not always easy for the sensitive Fish, and, with Neptune now in your sign, you have to work even harder at standing up for yourself. There will be various tests during 2013, the purpose behind them being to get you to not crumble in the face of a rejection or a let-down. Part of the challenge is knowing when a situation could and should be re-worked and when you need to channel your energies, talents and emotions into new projects. Another challenge is fighting the impulse to procrastinate: when an opportunity appears, grab it! While you may feel that luck plays a huge part in the successes of 2013, it is also because Saturn is in the right position to enable you to bring your hopes and visions into reality. That is provided you can deal with the consequences of a dream fulfilled and that you believe you deserve it in the first place!

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