Your 2013 horoscopes: Aquarius

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You're never ever going to have the perfect astrological recipe, but a good cook can do wonders with the right ingredients, as is the case in 2013. While Saturn sits in splendour at the top of your chart, inspiring stability and solid progress, Jupiter is helping you bring out dormant talents and making you feel good about yourself. The trick to ensuring the coming year is a stunning success is to keep an open attitude to almost everything: allow plenty of room for the development of your ideas, and by keeping your expectations fluid, you'll be able to make the most of any unplanned changes. Don't put off going into production, whether we're talking babies, business endeavours or activities that place you in the spotlight. You may find yourself mixing with people of power and influence - even a celebrity or two - and there could be unexpected reasons that take you on your travels. As I said, it's not a perfect year but it will inspire more than its share of happy memories.

Fab Dates:  26 January, 14 February, 15 June, 6 August, 12 December

Drab Dates: 6 January, 25 April, 9 September, 6 & 26 November


Dealing with people who do not share your vision and who actively seem to be standing in your way is the challenge for 2013. It may even seem that Fate is thwarting you from time to time. This is not to say everything will take forever to achieve, or that you won't have successes, but you are undergoing something of a lesson in patience and ego-trimming. It's one thing to believe in yourself; another to feel you deserve a specific outcome: rewards come through humility. The moment you feel denied, avoid playing the blame game but resolve to overcome both your feelings and the obstacle. Step by step you'll get there. The rewards come through creative enterprises and endeavours that involve your heart. This may bring a great love into your life or you may simply find that doing things from the heart and putting your heart and soul into projects brings great joy and fulfilment.  

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