Your 2013 horoscopes: Sagittarius

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A year that opens with Jupiter in premium position has much to recommend it. Your world is getting bigger, whether you're travelling or adding to your bank of knowledge and skills. A wedding or birth could be on the agenda, and you'll also make some important new friendships. You're probably beginning to get used to Neptune's strange way of working - you have to keep your ideas and plans fluid because the moment you try to steer events your way, they slip through your fingers! Your spirit is strong and there could be some curious coincidences and weird developments that make you feel guided and protected. May is the most significant month of the year: you may take one of the biggest steps in your life, and however your existence looks at the start of the year, it could be a lot different by June. This is not a particularly smooth and seamless 12 months, things happen in fits and starts, and you'll need to manage those periods where nothing appears to be moving at all. With patience comes grace.

Fab Dates:
  1 January, 18 June, 7 August, 30 November, 3 December

Drab Dates: 14 January, 23 February, 25 May, 20 October, 17 December


Reality is in short supply when Jupiter and Neptune are in pride of place, so there is a chance you are failing to see your blessings and your opportunities or are completely blind to a potential problem or betrayal of trust. In this dilemma lies your main challenge. You may think happiness depends on the attainment of one single goal - nothing else counts - so if you are not getting a result you will assume that all the Jupiterian promise in your stars is a lie, and you will feel frustrated and disappointed. A relationship could be in the frame here, and it may be that the person you believe is so right for you is not. Keep up the reality checks. Opportunities and lucky breaks are in plentiful supply - that theme of the world opening up for you is strong -  but if you are constantly hanging out for something ‘better' or chasing rainbows you will miss them.

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