Your 2013 horoscopes: Virgo

by Penny Thornton on Thursday, 20 December 2012


2013 is a year of growth. Your hard work is beginning to pay off; some might say your moment in the sun - or rather Jupiter - has come. Have the confidence to aim high, and make sure people are aware of your abilities and your passion. Whether you want more personal power or heavier professional clout, show you mean business: don't let lesser beings claim your place. Not that 2013 is all about effort. Celebrations and good times are in there too, and August is probably the month for the biggest and the best. Saturn's transit of the zone of communications has two main effects, on the plus side, people will feel you have something to say, and you may well be asked to front an organization or act as a spokesman for a local cause, and if ever there was a time to start a blog, it's 2013; and on the minus side, self-doubt could prevent you from being heard. This is not the year for self-doubt to get in the way of anything.

Fab Dates:  1 January, 2 March, 19 June, 13 July, 26 September

Drab Dates: 18 February, 25 May, 26 August, 19 October, 24 November


Virgos may feel at their best playing a behind-the-scenes role, but this is not place for you in 2013. The challenge is to step forward and claim your territory. Even if people criticise your ideas or appear to be blocking you: keep on going. Having said this, the other challenge is to be sure that your targets are worthy of your efforts. It will be easy for people to pull the wool over your eyes, so you must create firm boundaries and timetables: accept no excuses. You'll have some seriously lucky breaks this year; you'll be in the right place at the right time, and people will appear just when you need them. There could also be a big celebration mid-year. Trust that heart and that inner voice of yours, as long as it is not telling you what you want to hear in the face of clear evidence to the contrary.

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