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by Penny Thornton on Monday, 27 February 2012

Just in case you have forgotten, 2012 is a leap year. There are 29 days this February, not 28 – an interesting dilemma if you were born on the 29th, because you can only celebrate your birthday every four years, but, hey, that means you're a quarter of the age you should be!

In Great Britain, a woman can propose to a man only in a leap year. Back in the day – 1288 to be exact – Queen Margaret of Scotland brought in a law that decreed a man who refused a woman in a leap year had to provide compensation in the form of a silk dress or a £1 coin.

In Denmark, compensation came in the form of 12 pairs of gloves. So, if any of you fearless, feisty women out there are considering making your man an offer he cannot refuse, please remember to resort to the law if he turns you down. I'd say a Victoria Beckham shift would be suitable compensation in 2012!


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