Have great relationships: step one

Day one: Listen for a day

Who is your favourite person, the one who you turn to when things get rough? What are the qualities that make this person so understanding? Do they include the ability to listen? I expect they do. Think of a time when someone really listened to you with interest and total focus. How did you feel?

Experience a day in a new way. Spend the day listening to everyone you meet rather than talking to them. Whenever we listen to people we are showing them that we value them and that we are interested in them and this appreciation encourages them to feel good about themselves. Your friends, loved ones and colleagues will respond fabulously to the increased attention and will have plenty to say and you will have time to hear it.

The ‘feeling good’ benefits exist for everyone involved in the communications. The people you listen to feel valued and respected and the good feelings will be returned. This is a winning technique and will enhance every one of your relationships. Listening is probably the most valuable communication skill and also the most underrated!

Follow Lynda's tips each day and take her quiz to improve your relationships.

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