Do you think Kate Middleton will make a great stateswoman? ... Today's Debate

by Sarah Holmes on Friday, 14 September 2012

Ever since she stepped out in that glorious sapphire engagement dress, we have been massive fans of Kate Middleton and her fabulous fashion sense here at w&h.
She is the most photographed woman in Britain, and this week the media has been saturated with photos of her and Prince William as they conduct their official Asia-Pacific tour in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.
Yes, it seems Kate can't put a foot wrong in the fashion stakes - but this past week she has also shown us what a fantastic stateswoman she would make as images emerged of her laughing and joking with terminally ill children at a palliative care hospice in Malaysia.
How refreshing to have a Royal who is so in touch with the lives of the people. She brings such warmth and charisma to the individuals she meets that we feel lucky to have her as an ambassador of our nation.
We think she's doing a stellar job as Duchess, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for our budding humanitarian princess.
How do you think Kate is doing in her role as Duchess, and do you love her as much as we do?

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