Memoir Writing Competition

Has anyone ever told you that your life story should be turned into a book? woman&home has teamed up with publishers Hodder & Stoughton to make it happen for one reader.


Sometimes the facts are even more extraordinary than fiction. If your life has ever felt like it could be a novel, then we want to hear from you!

We're looking for incredible stories - perhaps you grew up in unusual circumstances, or maybe your job threw you into extraordinary situations... Whatever your story - whether you ran away to join the circus, discovered a relative's lost letters or a diary which makes compelling reading, or survived life's hurdles against all odds - this is your chance to see your life story in print.


The first prize is an advance of £10,000 and your life story published by Hodder and Stoughton, one of the UK's leading publishers.  We also have three fantastic Kindle e-reading devices and an introduction to a literary agent available for the runners up.

Due to popular demand and for those who were unable to buy the October issue, you can now download the entry form below - good luck!


Love some tips? Here's what Hodder's top selling authors suggest:

Actress Celia Imrie, author of the autobiography The Happy Hoofer

‘Write how you talk, so that your reader hears your voice and feels you are having a conversation specifically with them. Or maybe you are sharing a secret for their ears only...
Best not to dodge the awful chapters of your life, but leave out the dreary, moaning bits. And be as honest as you dare... Why not?'


 TV's Carol McGiffin, author of autobiography Oh Carol!

‘The hardest part is the first few words but they might come later, it's more important to get prominent moments written down as they'll help with other stuff around them. Listening to music or looking at photographs can help prompt memories."


James Bowen, author of the number 1 bestseller ‘A Street Cat Named Bob'

'Have a defined beginning and end and don't stray too much from the objective as you fill in the detail of your story'

 Kate Adie, author of the autobiography The Kindness of Strangers

'I didn't go through diaries or plod through a chronology...I sat and remembered the most vivid and significant moments of my life waiting for the whole picture to flood into my mind'

To hear three authors share their writing tips for success, click here to watch our exclusive videos.


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