Ozzy Osbourne interview

What are you most proud of? That my wife, Sharon, has stayed with me. And that I finally gave up alcohol, drugs and cigarettes – so far anyway. I always used to think my life wouldn't be any fun without them, but I was wrong. The hardest thing to give up was cigarettes; I still get a twinge for one every so often.

My loves

English bread and cakes. If you could send the recipe for English bread to the States, you'd make a killing – theirs is rubbish.

Elton John. He's such an amazing guy and a good friend of ours. His live shows are brilliant.

The history channel. I love watching documentaries in bed.

My hates
Politicians. Too often, they make a lot of promises about everything they're going to change and don't deliver anything.

Tearjerkers. Sharon and Kelly forced me to watch The Notebook recently. I was bawling. I'm The Prince of Darkness – I can't be crying at a film!

Paparazzi. In California, they're like gangsters with cameras. They're just so aggressive.


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