DVD: Life As We Know It

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After Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel) go on a disastrous blind date, set up by their mutual friends Peter and Allison, the last thing they want is to see each other again. However, fate has other plans.

Peter and Allison die in a car crash and, much to Holly and Eric's disbelief, have left their toddler daughter, Sophie, in Holly and Eric's joint care.

As Sophie's Guardians, the pair has to now face the huge task of not only raising her, but they're going to have to try to get along.

As the story unfolds you witness the highs, lows and hilarity of novice parenthood, and the charming bond forming between this new thrown-together family.

Life As We Know It is full of laughs, poignant moments and great chemistry between Heigl and Duhamel.

Out 28 March

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