DVDs for a Valentine’s night in

by Henry Ellis on Monday, 14 February 2011

Charlie St Cloud (pictured). The heartbreaking tale of two brothers,
Charlie and Sam, who are torn apart after a devastating car accident. As
Charlie struggles to come to terms with the death of his brother, the
chance to save another proves to be his salvation. An incredibly
touching story of love and its power to redeem a person. Have those
tissues at the ready. Zac Efron stars.

The Rebound. Catherine Zeta-Jones stars in this hilarious comedy about life after divorce. When Sandy (Zeta-Jones) discovers her husband's been having an affair, she moves to the city to start a new life with her kids. There she meets Aram (Justin Bartha) and, despite him being many years her junior, romance blossoms. But is it the real deal, or just a rebound relationship?

Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts) has everything a modern woman says she needs - a dream house, a well-paid job, and a devoted husband. But when she realises these aren't making her happy, she sets off on a personal journey of discovery to find out what will. Thought-provoking and inspiring, and worth watching for the stunning settings of Italy, India, and Bali.

The Switch. A slightly more risqué rom com from the people who brought you Juno, with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. It centres around Kassie (Aniston) and her desire to have a baby, despite being single and 40. When her best friend Wally (Batman) accidentally becomes the sperm donor, both their lives change forever. Hilarious and sweet with Jennifer Aniston's on fine form.

Valentine's Day. Could there be a more aptly named film? Dubbed the American Love Actually, this film follows the lives of all its characters on the 14th February. Expect to see love gained, lost, and lasting a lifetime. With performances from one of the biggest celebrity line-ups of all time (Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, and Anne Hathaway, to name a few), it's a must for the soft hearted amongst you.



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