5 best time-slip novels

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The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier (Virago £7.99)

During a holiday in Cornwall, Dick Young agrees to test a drug being developed by his friend Professor Magnus Lane. Transported to the 14th century manor of Tywardreath, he becomes obsessed with the beautiful Isolda at terrifying cost. History, romance, horror, suspense – it's got them all.

Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon (Arrow £7.99)
On her honeymoon in Scotland, WW2 nurse Claire Randall steps through a cleft in a stone circle and is hurled through time to 1745 where she falls in love with James Fraser, her husband's clansman. Expect passion, drama and a gripping story. The first novel in The Outlander series.

Elegy for a Queen by Margaret James (Solidus £7.99)
Haunted by a recent tragedy, academic Susannah Miller finds herself inspired by the spirit of a Saxon queen whose story she uncovers in a cathedral library and who brings her close to madness and death. Fast-paced, intriguing and tense.

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (Pan £7.99)
Why was a little girl abandoned on a ship bound for Australia just before the First World War? Two generations later, Cliff Cottage in Cornwall may reveal its secrets to Nell Andrews and change her life forever. A deft, engrossing page-turner.

The Warrior's Princess by Barbara Erskine (Harper £7.99)
Jess is in hiding from an assailant in her sister's remote cottage on the Welsh borders. Hearing the cry of a ghostly child, she is drawn back to a story of Celtic Britain. Past and present weave together in a thrilling drama of passion and intrigue.

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