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Jayne Torvill lives in Sussex with her husband Phil and their children Kieran, seven, and Jessica, three. She talks to woman and home about her home life, diets and exercise.

Jayne Torvill on her home life
I was happy to be away from the public eye. It was lovely to stay at home for a bit because my whole life had been about travelling and working. Coming back into the public arena happened gradually. No one knew if the first series of Dancing on Ice would work, but then it took off in a big way.

Jayne Torvill on weightgain
The cruel thing is that if you’ve always been active, when you stop, you will put on weight. After I stopped skating professionally it was very hard to have the same motivation to exercise, and slowly, the pounds crept on. But there’s nothing like knowing that you’re going to be on TV to get you motivated!
Jayne Torvill on diets
Doing the Hay Diet, where you don’t mix proteins with carbohydrates, I lost a stone, without even exercising. But mainly I’ve toned up a lot. I started with circuit training and weights, then devised a routine for my fitness DVD, which anyone can do. Losing weight has made me feel more energised as well as happier – it’s lovely actually wanting to go clothes shopping. The shop that I really can’t help myself in is Karen Millen.

Jayne Torvill on work
I love my job. The only thing I don’t like is being away from home. But we’ll all be together for the summer – we’re going to Cornwall, then America in August.
What would you tell your younger self?
Relax and enjoy, because life will get better and better.

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