Marcella Starring Anna Friel: 5 Questions We Have About The New Series Following Its Return

*Warning - may contain spoilers* Monday 19th February saw the return of one of ITV’s most popular crime series in the last decade - the chilling, Scandi-noir style drama, Marcella.

The brilliant but flawed detective, played by Anna Friel has returned for a second season, following the huge success of the first.

The final episode of season one of Marcella left viewers on the edge of their seats, as the expert detective fought to figure out the identity of a gruesome serial killer. Fans were left in utter disbelief, when it was revealed that unlikely suspect Henry Gibson was the culprit.

It’s been almost two years since the first series of the London-based drama aired. But now, it’s back, and it seems fans are loving the new season.  On Twitter, one wrote, “First 15 mins of season 2 is soooo good! This season is gonna be so amazing!” While another agreed, commenting, “Great comeback!! we love Marcella”.

Ahead of episode four, here are five questions we want answered this series…

1. Will more of the old gang be returning?

Though Anna Friel’s Marcella is the main protagonist in the noir drama, we want to know if some familiar faces from season one will also be returning throughout this series.

Nicholas Pinnock, who played Marcella’s estranged ex-husband Jason Backland in the show, was one of her fiercest confidants – and, at times, enemies. Jason will return for the duration of series two.

When it comes to Marcella’s ex-colleagues, it seems we’ll also be coming across some well-known characters again too. Ray Panthaki returns as Marcella’s exasperated police boss, Rav Sangha, as does her on/off love interest DI Tim Williamson, played by Jamie Barber.

(The detective squad in Marcella season one)

Some characters won’t be returning this series though, including Nina Sosanya, who played DI Laura Porter, or Charlie Covell, who starred as CV Alex Dier.

There are some new recruits to the team though, including DC LeAnn Hunter, played by Sophia Brown, who forms a member of the detective squad.

2. Will Marcella’s famous parka be making a comeback?

It was one of the long-running jokes of the first season, but love it or loathe it, Marcella’s trusty parka has become as much of her uniform as her stand-out name.

In fact, Anna Friel herself has commented on the speculation, admitting it’s a question she gets asked time after time. “The reaction from everyone has been amazing, although the real question I keep being asked is whether the parka will be making an appearance in series two as well?”

If the first episode is anything to go by, it looks as though Marcella has had somewhat of a wardrobe overhaul in the last two years.

She was seen attending to the very first crime scene of the season, wearing a sleek, blue, knee-length coat. So it looks like Marcella’s had a style upgrade. Will it appear throughout the series? Only time will tell…

3. Is she still suffering from her fugue states?

Sadly, it seems as though Marcella’s memory black outs are set to continue for some time yet.

The first season saw the troubled protagonist struggle with her loss of memory – even leading her to question whether she’d committed murder. And now, ITV have confirmed that she still struggles with the fugues.

They said, “Marcella is still battling with her ongoing sporadic fugue states which she struggles to come to terms with and is getting increasingly worried about the effects it is having on her and her family around her.”

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The first episode also saw Marcella admit her memory difficulties to ex Jason, as she confessed she didn’t know what to do about the problem.

However, Anna Friel has confessed her thoughts that the very real portrayal is something a lot of women might be able to relate to. She said, “I do think women are feeling very empowered at the moment and having a woman who is dealing with a mental illness, whilst working, being a single mum and trying to keep everything afloat is very relatable.”

4. Could Marcella and Jason ever get back together?

As season one of Marcella came to a close, she and her ex were undeniably on difficult terms. The former couple had become embroiled in countless rows over the course of the series – which became increasingly more volatile after she discovered that he had been having an affair with a colleague for the last three years of their relationship.

And sadly, it seems this friction is set to continue – as Jason has a new girlfriend.

ITV have revealed that Becky, played by Yolanda Kettle, made an entrance last night as Jason’s new, younger fiancée. And you may recognise her, given her role as Camilla Fry in Netflix’s The Crown. Of the new arrival, Anna admitted that it’s likely made Marcella’s relationship with Jason all the harder throughout season two.

“It’s not great to be honest. She’s really struggling with them and trying to make amends.

“Jason has moved in with his new girlfriend Becky who is a lot younger than Marcella, it’s a big slam to her ego. The children are staying with Jason and that’s really upsetting. When it comes down to it, they have chosen him over her and that’s a massive kick in the guts.”

5. Who is behind the gruesome child murders?

This time, as opposed to the murder of random London dwellers, the series focuses on an altogether more upsetting victim – children.

As the show opened, Marcella and the team came across an horrific discovery – a pile of bones contained within a wall. The body belongs to a young schoolboy, who Marcella recognises as a friend of her sons.

So what’s the mystery behind the awful case? We guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Marcella starring Anna Friel, season two, continues on Monday nights on ITV, 9pm.

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