50 Over 50 Awards: nominate a friend and win tickets to an exclusive W&H lunch

Know an amazing woman who deserves to be recognised? Nominate her today for the chance to win a very special prize...

Do you have an amazing friend that’s gone above and beyond what you could ever expect? Or do you know someone within your community who is making a massive difference every day without expecting anything back.

Here’s your chance to recognise them – and you could win a pair of tickets to the Woman & Home Christmas lunch (worth £360) into the bargain!

As part of our 50 Over 50 Awards, which celebrates women making a difference, we want you to nominate an amazing woman you know.

Got someone in mind? Here’s how to enter…

Step 1

Choose your category. Is it:

Community Heroes: An amazing woman over 50 who gives her  time and energy to improve the lives of people around her

Friendship Above And Beyond: An amazing woman over 50 who has done something exceptional as a friend

Step 2

Get in touch with us at Woman & Home to tell us all about your nominee.

You can either write to us at 50 Over 50, woman&home Features Department, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AM, or email 50over50@timeinc.com with the following information:

* Which category you’re nominating someone for: Community Heroes and/or Friendship Above And Beyond

* Your nominee’s name, age, email address and contact number (we’ll want to get in touch if we decide they’re a candidate for the shortlist, so please get their permission first)

* Why you think they deserve this award; how have their actions impacted on others’ lives?

* Whether your nominee has won an award before and, if so, what

* A photo of your nominee

* Your name, contact number and email address

The closing date is 30 April 2018 and the winners will be announced in our November 2018 issue.

More about the 50 Over 50 Awards

There’s plenty more to look forward to from the 50 Over 50 Awards, too.

Taking inspiration from the likes of the amazing women featured above, over the coming months we’ll be featuring nominees chosen by the woman&home team in the following categories within the magazine:

  • Social Influencers: The best bloggers and bloggers shouting about midlife
  • Changing Our Country: From politicians to policewomen, putting themselves on the line for us
  • Shaping The Future: Working with children for a better world for all of us
  • Groundbreakers: Women making a difference in new and interesting ways
  • Best in Business: Doing exciting things in the world of work
  • Super Entrepreneurs: Inspiring stories of business start-ups
  • Champions of The Arts: Fuelling our passion for culture
  • Celebrities Doing Good: Stars of stage and screen who also do wonderful work for charity

Be sure to pick up a copy of woman&home to discover more about the exciting awards – and don’t forget to submit your nominations for the Community Heroes and Friendship Above And Beyond categories by 30 April.

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