Myleene Klass

Myleene's top five tips for looking good on the go

Hair: Make sure your hair is clean and fresh looking. Other than your face, it's the first thing people notice! If you don't have time to wash it, then pull it back or wear a hat. I've learnt lots of tips to look after my hair, including choosing the correct hair product tailored to my hair type...that way you get the best results rather than picking up any old bottle and not letting it enhance your fabulous locks!

Eye make-up: Mascara opens up your eyes and is especially good when you're feeling exhausted. It took me a long time to learn that you don't have to plaster your face in war paint (I used to wear it like a mask!). When it comes to make up, less really is more.

Wear white:
If you're feeling tired or just a little flat, a white shirt acts as an automatic light reflector. When I'm on a photo shoot, there is usually a reflective sheet held under my chin or face to brighten up the image. Wearing a white or light top does exactly the same job and is a canny trick employed by nearly every celebrity I know when they're having an 'off day'!

Best beauty buys: Eight hour cream or even Vaseline/petroleum jelly is a great beauty product to keep in your handbag. Not only can you apply it as a lip gloss, it can be used to give shine to cheeks, eye lids and anywhere else you might fancy adding a slight light glow. I rub it on my shoulders and neck line too if I'm going out.

Flat shoes: I always keep a pair of flat shoes in my handbag or in the back of Ava's pram so if I'm running out somewhere, I don't have to struggle in my heels all day. For me, comfort comes first but not necessarily at the cost of style!

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