Long-lasting lipstick

by Jo Glanville-Blackburn on Thursday, 30 April 2009

Subtle lip colour that lasts
Rather than going too natural (or too vibrant) on the lips, go one shade darker than your natural lip tone – it looks that bit more glamorous and groomed than lipgloss and wears better than red or fuchsia.

A new shade to try is Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve it Over, £7.13 – the bestselling shade in the US within weeks of launching and part of a brilliant new matte collection for eyes, lips and cheeks. For another lipstick that lasts, try Dior Addict High Impact Weightless Lip Colour in Rose Décolleté, £19, a great shade for almost every woman. I also love Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick in Rose Rebelle, £18.

How to keep your lip colour in place all day
Apply a layer of foundation to your lips first, then your lipliner and lipstick, a dusting of powder, and finally reapply colour. Also try applying liner first all over your lips, like Clarins Lipliner Pencil in Nude, £12.72, then brush lip colour over top, and your colour will wear off gradually without leaving tell-tale lip lines or enhancing feathery lips.

Top tip
Make lipgloss last. A sheer layer of lipgloss lasts longer than a thick one. Again, the trick is to layer lips all over with a natural-tone liner first, which gives the gloss something to adhere to. “Avoid lip balm just before doing your lips – otherwise the gloss slips off the balm and will barely last getting out the front door,” says Paul Herrington.

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