Daytime basics: expert hair and make up tips:

Sarah Regan (pictured here), mother of three and a clinical nurse specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, has just returned to work after having her third child.

Most of her make up leans towards the evening and she could do with some day basics.

Make-up expert:
Ariane tidied up Sarah’s brows as one was a little thinner than the other.

Then she swapped Sarah’s lightweight tinted moisturiser, which is perfect for weekends but has very little staying power, for a light, mineral foundation.

This will give Sarah a bit more cover throughout the working day, especially when used over her make-up primer.

Always apply these foundation face powders with a large brush and really work them into the skin to achieve a beautiful, sheer coverage.

She used a long-lasting, neutral taupe eyeshadow, which goes on easily as a cream, but dries to a powder and so stays in place for hours.

This is ideal for Sarah as she doesn’t want to be fussing with her face and reapplying make-up throughout the day.

Then Ariane applied a light, greeny-brown liner to contrast with the blue in Sarah’s eyes – far more enlivening than conventional brown.

Ariane used Sarah’s own pretty pink blusher.

Sarah has a little high colouring, but applying a pink blush in the correct place – always on the apples of the cheeks, which is the area that becomes full when you smile – lifts and brightens the face and immediately redirects the flush to where it suits everyone best.

Heated rollers are the greatest asset for fine hair that hangs flat. They help control any kinks and curls to give a more polished, groomed effect.

Make-up steps:
1 Sarah’s eye brows are a good shape, but needed balancing by tweezing, then brushing through brow powder. A shell-coloured shimmer – not white – applied under the arch helps to lift the brows and brightens the eyes.
2 To create a flawless base, Ariane worked a mineral foundation into Sarah’s skin. You don’t need to apply it everywhere, just to selective areas. You can reapply mineral foundations repeatedly throughout the day.
3 To define Sarah’s eyes with a look that lasts, Ariane blended a taupe eyeshadow over the lids using a brush, then took the colour just above the crease line to give more impact and to make Sarah’s deep-set eyes appear bigger.
4 Add a little natural colour and shine to lips with a pinky-beige gloss. Ariane used Dior Ultra Gloss Reflet in 877, £13.50, which is perfect for daytime and can be reapplied easily using the brush inside the tube.

Hair steps:

1 Blow-drying helps to make hair smoother and shinier. Use a big round brush and direct heat away from the scalp and down the hair.
2 Heated rollers are a great way to add extra body at the roots. Leave in while you apply your make-up and only remove when completely cold.

Top tip: Combine a body-boosting shampoo and a lightweight conditioner to add volume to fine hair. Once styled, spritz a little hairspray on the ends to help curb flyaway tendencies.

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