Look chic in five minutes

Make-up artist Ariane Poole and hair session stylist Kathleen Bray share expert make up and hair styling tips and advice to achieve a look that is as sophisticated as quick to create.

Carla Franke (pictured here) is a counsellor and mother of three.

She would like a quick five minute make up and hair routine to help give her a more sophisticated look.

Make-up expert:
Ariane applied a sheer tint mineral foundation with SPF to give a polished effect to the skin.

This allows you to apply concealer over the top, only to areas that need it.

Ariane applied a concealer, Derma Color Camouflage System Creme, £18.50, to cover pigmentation marks that Carla’s developed since having her third child.

She defined Carla’s brows. Using powder along the upper line of the brows makes them look more groomed.

Carla regularly wears glasses, so Ariane recommended wearing more shimmer on her eyes. “Matte colours will make her eyes look smaller,” says Ariane.

A gel eyeliner is more resistant to smudging than kohl and really stays put, whether you apply it under or on top of your lashline.

Ariane went stronger on the blush and lighter on the lips. Smoky eyes don’t need to compete with a bold mouth, but warmth on the cheeks adds youth and freshness.

Kathleen took ten years off Carla by softening her face, bringing her hairline forwards rather than letting it curl backwards.

Hair and make up steps:
1 Sweep blusher onto the apples of the cheeks where you naturally flush. Carla was wearing hers too far back, where you would normally apply bronzer to give more shape to the contours of the face.
2 Powder along the upper edge of the brows to enhance their natural shape. For the eyes, Ariane applied a deep charcoal eyeliner and used Prescriptives Sparkle Eye Pencil in Plum Sparks, £13, over the top.
3 Ariane wanted to steer Carla away from her usual long-lasting lipstick that stains her lips bright pink. Instead she used a neutral pinky colour with a bit of density, so her lips looked defined but not washed out.
4 Kathleen wanted to explore the possibility of softening Carla’s natural curls, so she loosened them with her fingers. Changing the curl and working the hair forward brought her hair and face together. 


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