Raspberry Kir Royale Recipe

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Raspberry Kir Royale
Preparation Time2 mins

The Kir Royale is a classiccocktail recipe (opens in new tab)and one of the easiest to make, too. Even if you don’t have much cocktail equipment at home, being able to mix up a quick Kir Royale means you’ll always have a go-to drink to impress your guests.

The Kir Royale is traditionally served in a champagne flute and makes the perfect palette cleanser for parties or an impressiveChristmas cocktail (opens in new tab)offering. Traditionally, this French cocktail recipe is made with Champagne and a blackcurrant liqueur called Crème de Cassis, which gives it its hallmark light purple colour. We’ve given our Kir Royale a bit of a twist by using Framboise, a raspberry liqueur. It makes the perfect pre-dinner drink to have with nibbles and goes really well with classic canapes like smoked salmon blinis or pear and goat’s cheese crostini.

The beauty of a good Kir Royale is that although it’s traditionally made with Champers, because you’re blending it with liqueur you don't need the most expensive fizz to make the drink taste delicious. Sparkling white wine, prosecco or cava will taste just as nice when topped up with a little fruit liqueur. You can also use still white wine, which turns this drink into a Kir (rather than a Kir Royale).

If you're feeling like being particularly fancy, then have a go at making some traditional garnishes. Peel thin strips of lemon rind and wrap them around a pencil before warming and then chilling to create pretty yellow spirals or simply thread a cocktail stick with a few raspberries for a simple but effective finish. We've given quantities for one drink only but if you're making these for lots of guests then just get a few bottles of Prosecco in the fridge to chill and multiply the quantities accordingly. Want to have a go? It really is as simple as the one step below.



  1. Pour the framboise into the bottom of your champagne flute and carefully top up with sparkling wine, pouring slowly. Garnish depending on what you fancy that day and drink!


  • 1tsp framboise raspberry liqueur
  • 1 glass sparkling wine, around 100ml